2021 - 2022
5th Edition

60.000 €

Amount raised
2021 - 2022
5th Edition

60.000 €

Money raised

An educational project that changes lives


ACNUR Loco Festival is an educational project driven by the Spanish Committee of UNHCR to raise students’ awareness of refugees’ situations, and the importance of getting actively involved in the defence of Human Rights.

Loco Festival


A service-learning project has been put together to encourage values-based education, solidarity, peace and the defence of Human Rights. It allows students to take the lead in the teaching/learning process, and is structured in three stages, which teachers or centres can work on in as much depth as they like.

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Raising Awareness Stage

Through a series of resources and activities, we put ourselves in the shoes of refugees and displaced persons, and find out all about the work carried out by the ACNUR to help them and restore their rights.

From 1 to 3 sessions

Action-Cooperation Stage

Split up into different commissions and work groups, we carry out activities to raise social awareness in our environment, through the organisation of a charity event.

3 sessions


Lastly, we reflect on the experience we’ve had, what we’ve achieved and the importance of continued involvement in protecting human rights.

1 session


The Loco Festival project is open to everyone in Spain’s education community. Formal and informal centres of education, music schools, and social education associations and entities are welcome to take part. It can be carried out at a specific centre or as part of a town or city-wide project.

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Register on our platform and download the teaching materials you need to carry out the project, either with a single group or with several, as a project for the whole centre, as part of a single subject or across different disciplines.


Tie the educational experience in whenever you want during the school year: Human Rights week, Christmas, School Day of Non-violence and Peace, cultural week, the end of the school year…


End the project on a high by putting on a charity event (concert, recital, exhibition, conference…) and invite members of your community to become part of this giant network of people who are crazy about changing the world.

The Loco Festival Kit

This includes a wide range of materials that have been put together and designed to make the teacher’s work as easy as possible, and provide guidelines for students to follow throughout the whole process. It is available in english, spanish, catalan, galician and basque.

Loco Festival

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Resources for teachers

Teaching Guide

Resources for students


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A worthy cause

Donations collected as part of this project are used to fund educational projects carried out by the ACNUR all around the world, in order to guarantee young refugees their right to education. From the centre, students help other boys and girls who, like them, have big dreams for the future.

educate a child

Since 2012, this programme has managed to get thousands of refugee children into schools in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.


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