year 2017-2018

This is what the 1st Edition of the ACNUR Loco Festival was like

On 17 April 2018, we launched the first edition of the ACNUR Loco Festival, a project that was created with the aim of empowering the younger generation, and showing them that they are able to change the world. Nearly 30 centres from all over Spain joined the initiative, helping us prove that being indifferent isn’t the norm – being crazy is! Thanks to everyone who helped pave the way!

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Large and small centres, rural and city schools, boys and girls in primary school, teenagers doing their baccalaureate, fathers, mothers, neighbours and friends... Fun, endearing and downright crazy scenes like these were created thanks to the energy and passion brought by committed teachers, the endless creativity of the students, and the inexhaustible dedication of their families.

  • Spring was welcomed with a huge charity event at the 8 centres in the Gredos San Diego network, and the whole community got involved.
  • Students from ES Illa de Ons marched all across Bueu (Pontevedra), drums in hand, to make sure the whole town new the formidable Loco Festival was coming.
  • At CRA Las Cañadas, in Aguilafuente (Segovia), this photo booth was a precursor to an event packed full of surprises.
  • From Ceuta, the boys and girls from Santa Micaela showed us people of all ages can work together when they are united by a common cause.
  • At the Mare de Déu de Núria school in Barcelona and the IES Almussafes in Valencia, art and sculpture became a powerful tool to build awareness.
  • In Potries, the whole town had ACNUR burgers in support of the initiative and the ingenuity of its “crazy little folk”.
  • And the melon tribunal of the CEIP 12 de Octubre in Badajoz had prizes and smiles for everyone passing through on the day.
  • To round everything off, on 22 June, as part of the celebrations to mark World Refugee Day, we held a huge final event in Madrid’s Palacio de Cristal, with appearances from Clowns Without Borders, Barei, Ana Mena, Laura Durand and Atacados.
IES Illa de Ons / Bueu / Pontevedra

Colegio Santa Micaela / Ceuta

CEIP 12 de Octubre / Hernán Cortés / Badajoz


Hernán Cortés - Badajoz
CEIP Santiago Apóstol
Colegio La Corolla
GIJÓN - Asturias
Colegio Salesianos San Juan Bosco
Valencia - Valencia
CRA Las Cañadas
Aguilafuente - Segovia
CRA Mondúver-Safor
Potries - Valencia
Escenario Principal ACNUR
Madrid - Madrid
Escola El Turonet
Sant Quirze del Vallès - Barcelona
Escola Internacional del Camp
Salou - Tarragona
Escola Mare de Déu de Núria
Barcelona - Barcelona
Madrid - Madrid
Gredos San Diego Alcalá
Alcalá de Henares - Madrid
Gredos San Diego Buitrago
Buitrago de Lozoya - Madrid
Gredos San Diego El Escorial
El Escorial - Madrid
Gredos San Diego Guadarrama
Guadarrama - Madrid
Gredos San Diego Las Rozas
Las Rozas - Madrid
Gredos San Diego Las Suertes
Madrid - Madrid
Gredos San Diego Moratalaz
Moratalaz - Madrid
Gredos San Diego Vallecas
Vallecas - Madrid
IES Almussafes
Almussafes - Valencia
MADRID - Madrid
IES Guillem Sagrera
Palma - Baleares
IES Illa de Ons
Bueu - Pontevedra
IES La Malladeta
La Vila Joiosa - Alicante
Santa Cruz
Mislata - Valencia
CEUTA - Ceuta

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